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There is no such thing as 'Enough Power' and at DynoTech RS we have dedicated ourselves to exploit to the maximum the potential of your car, always respecting the manufacturer's safety standards. Free the imprisoned horsepower of your car through a meticulous custom reprogramming of it's ECU.

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One of the greatest challenges that a modern business has to face is the continuously raising price of energy. The Industry is pushing the boundaries in creating engines that are always more and more frugal but it is difficult for a company to keep up with such evolution as it would require a continuous change of fleet at a huge cost.
DynoTech RS, being a pioneer company in developing fuel saving software for internal combustion engines, comes to cover that field with fuel saving software especially developed for Diesel engines.
By remapping the ECU and fully exploiting the potential of engines DynoTech RS guarantees 8-15% fuel saving depending on the vehicle and the use.

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